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Upper School Speech And Debate Squad Ends 2020 With Two Strong Weekends
Andrew Mouzin

The upper school speech and debate squad ended 2020 with two solid weekends at Truman/William Chrisman and Raytown/Raytown South virtual Tournaments. Students compete either through Zoom meetings or submit a video of their speeches.

Raytown/Raytown South

  • Third Overall - Novice Sweepstakes
  • Second Overall - Individual Event Novice Sweepstakes 

Tournament Champion

  • Tristan Wells - Lincoln Douglas (Varsity)
  • Sophia Ramos - Dramatic Interpretation (Novice)
  • Elan Jiang - Informative Speaking (Novice)
  • Sebastien de Pierre - United States Extemporaneous Speaking (Novice)

Tournament Runner Up

  • Nura Henok - Informative Speaking (Novice)


  • Informative Speaking - Milly Bertsch (Novice third place)
  • International Extemporaneous Speaking - Tristan Wells (Varsity fourth place)


  • Humorous Interpretation - Jemel Johnson (Novice)
  • Informative Speaking - Zack Aarons (Novice), Eric Chen (Varsity)
  • Oratory - Cathy Martin (Novice)
  • Prose/Poetry - Brigid Pattison (Novice)
  • U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking - Quinn FitzGerald (Novice)

Truman Varsity/NIETOC Tournament

Tournament Runner-Up

  • Wynn Johnson - Informative Speaking (NIETOC bid and qualifier)

William Chrisman Novice

  • First Place - Overall Sweepstakes
  • First Place - Individual Event Sweepstakes
  • First Place - Debate Sweepstakes

Tournament Champion

  • Nura Henok - Informative Speaking

Tournament Runner Up

  • Milly Bertsch - Informative Speaking
  • Jimmy O’Connell - United States Extemporaneous Speaking


Policy Debate

  • Mae Dingley and Reece Nutter (fourth place-tie)
  • Zach Berg and Caitlyn Huang (fourth place-tie)

Public Forum Debate

  • Zayn Ahmed and Gretel Robbins (fourth place-tie)
  • Zack Aarons and Max Doering-Powell (fourth place-tie)

Humorous Interpretation

  • Mae Dingley (fifth place)

International Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Zach Berg (third palace)
  • Reece Nutter (fifth place)


  • Josie Miller (fourth place)


  • Maeve Marien-McManus (third place)
  • Brigid Pattison (fourth place)


  • Sophia Ramos - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Jemel Johnson-Humorous Interpretation
  • Caitlyn Huang - Informative Speaking
  • Ellie Kivett - Poetry
  • Gretel Robbins - Prose
  • Quinn FitzGerald - U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Sebastien de Pierre - U.S. Extemporaneous Speaking