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Upper School Students To Receive Windows Surface Pro 7s Next Year
Andrew Mouzin

In an effort to standardize technology and align more closely with the curriculum in the upper school, students will receive a Windows Surface Pro 7 for the 2020-21 school year. This device is better suited than the iPad to meet educational and technological demands in the upper school.

Students and faculty tested and piloted several devices in an effort to find the best fit for their needs, evaluating several factors such as keyboard, battery life and size. Benefits of the Surface Pro 7 include a full-size keyboard, 12.3” PixelSense display, a 10th Generation Intel Core processor, digital inking and all-day battery life.

Faculty began using Surface Book 2 laptops this year. Issuing the Surface Pro 7 to students will bring cohesion to the classroom with students and teachers on similar devices. 

“The Surface Pro 7 better meets the needs of our students for the way the school’s curriculum is designed,” said Sara Eshelbrenner, Ward Parkway Campus technology coach. “In addition, we want to prepare students with the best tool when it comes to moving on to college and the business world.”

The Surface Pro 7 also will give students access to Microsoft Office 365, which will allow teachers to comment on Word documents, assignments to look the same on every device and students to use Google Documents more easily from school-issued devices. In addition, students will be able to seamlessly connect to in-class technology to display their work.