US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State
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US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State
US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State
US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State
Andrew Mouzin
US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State
US Science Olympiad Team Moves On To State

On Feb. 18, the upper school Science Olympiad team placed first out of 14 teams at the Missouri Region III Tournament. Pembroke Hill entered two upper school teams in the tournament, Red (R) and Blue (B). The Red Team’s 23-event score secured state tournament qualification. The Blue Team’s performance in seven events counted toward individual awards.

The top four places are recognized at Regional Tournaments. The Red Team was recognized in all 23 events. The Pembroke Hill teams, together, earned first place in a stunning 19 of 23 events.

First Place
Anatomy and Physiology: Sean Hong and Ellie Zolotukhina (B)
Astronomy: Elan Jiang and Aidan Lacy (R)
Bridge: Usoshi Pedraza-Si and Alex Vos (B)
Chemistry Lab: Caitlyn Huang and Preya Nguyen (R)
Codebusters: Zach Berg, Salem Deel and Preya Nguyen (R)
Detector Building: Salem Deel and Adib Rabbani (R)
Disease Detectives: Elan Jiang and Yelisey Romanov (R)
Dynamic Planet: Aidan Lacy and Luke Ryan (R)
Experimental Design: Caitlyn Huang, Elan Jiang and Grace Weber (R)
Fermi Questions: Aidan Lacy and Yelisey Romanov (R)
Flight: Salem Deel and Caitlyn Huang (R)
Forensics: Zach Berg and Siraj Singh (R)
Forestry: Zach Berg and Ellie Lin (R)
Green Generation: Luke Ryan and Grace Weber (R)
It’s About Time: Ellie Lin and Elle Mitchell (R)
Remote Sensing: Elan Jiang and Aidan Lacy (R) 
Rocks and Minerals: Helena Greim and Preya Nguyen (R)
Scrambler: Zach Berg, Helena Greim and Vikram Nguyen (R)
Trajectory: Helena Greim and Grace Weber (asst: Usoshi Pedraza-Si) (R)

Second Place
Anatomy and Physiology: Caitlyn Huang and Adib Rabbani (R)
Cell Biology: Adib Rabbani and Yelisey Romanov (R)
Environmental Chemistry: Ellie Lin and Preya Nguyen (R)
Fermi Questions: Sean Hong and Alex Vos (B)

Third Place
Bridge: Elan Jiang and Siraj Singh (R)
Chem Lab: Paulina Situ and Alex Vos (B)
Wifi Lab: Helena Greim and Adib Rabbani (R)
Write It Do It: Elan Jiang and Caitlyn Nguyen (R)

Fourth Place
Disease Detectives: Sean Hong and Usoshi Pedraza-Si (B)