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US Science Olympiad Team Takes First At Mill Valley
Andrew Mouzin

The upper school Science Olympiad team placed first out of 16 high school teams at the “Schrodinger” Invitational tournament at Mill Valley High School on Saturday, Dec. 4. Twenty students competed. Olathe North High School took second place, and Eudora High School took third.

First through fourth places are shown below. (Top six places were announced at the award ceremony). PHS placed in the top four in 22 out of 23 competitive events. Only the top score for each school is considered in the ranking.

First Place

  • Anatomy & Physiology -  Salil Chandramohan, Adib Rabbani
  • Codebusters - Zach Berg, Griffin Chu, Preya Nguyen
  • Detector Building - Geeoon Chung
  • Dynamic Planet - Aidan Lacy, Preya Nguyen
  • Experimental Design - Caitlyn Huang, Elan Jiang, Darwin Torrance
  • Green Generation - Griffin Chu, Darwin Torrance
  • Ornithology - Zach Berg, Griffin Chu
  • Rocks & Minerals - Zach Berg, Griffin Chu

Second Place

  • Cell Biology - Helena Greim, Adib Rabbani
  • Disease Detectives - Jesse Chan, Phillip Park
  • Ping Pong Parachute - Salil Chandramohan, Ivyer Qu
  • Remote Sensing - Aidan Lacy, Phillip Park

Third Place

  • Astronomy - Elan Jiang, Aidan Lacy
  • Environmental Chemistry - Claire Holland, Adib Rabbani
  • Gravity Vehicle - Jesse Chan, Ivyer Qu
  • Bridge Building - Jesse Chan, Ivyer Qu
  • Chemistry Lab - Jesse Chan, Salil Chandramohan
  • WiFi Lab - Geeoon Chung
  • Wright Stuff - Jesse Chan, Ivyer Qu
  • Write It Do It - Caitlyn Huang, Elan Jiang

Fourth Place

  • It’s About Time - Geeoon Chung, Ivyer Qu
  • Trajectory - Salil Chandramohan, Darwin Torrance