School Life

Life At Pembroke Hill

Pembroke Hill offers many programs that augment students' classroom experiences. These programs provide a wide array of opportunities and support for students and their families, which enhances our students' educational journeys.

Special programs include extended day for children in early childhood through middle school; extensive extracurricular options; a state-of-the-art library system; a student support system featuring learning specialists; a summer program of fun and enriching courses; and a very personalized college counseling program that helps students and their families through the process of choosing a college or university.


Clubs & Activities

Pembroke Hill offers a robust extracurricular program. Students, beginning in lower school, have many options from which to choose, and they are sure to find a club or activity that suits their interests. We believe that children's development is enhanced by becoming involved in school beyond the classroom. They learn many important lessons in regards to developing skills in leadership, problem-solving, cooperative work, time management and building relationships. Additionally, through extracurricular activities, students are able to expand their knowledge and skill in a particular area whether it be writing, science, art, performing arts, math, language, politics or sports.

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