Upper School

Upper school students have over 30 clubs and organizations from which they may choose to belong. At the beginning of each school year, these organizations host a Club Fair in the Ward Parkway courtyard during which students may visit booths created by each of the clubs. All students are encouraged to become involved in the life of the school outside of classes. Students enjoy the opportunity to hold leadership positions within each of the clubs.

The school day at Pembroke Hill is supplemented by a number of activities designed to help students play a larger role in school life. Students are encouraged to participate in one or more organizations in addition to regular classes. There are many opportunities for students to assume leadership in helping to determine the tone and direction of the school.

Many activities and opportunities are organized through the school’s clubs and organizations. All school organizations are chartered by student government. Clubs may be placed on probation, suspended or dechartered if they are inactive or fail to fulfill or abide by their charters or constitutions.

If students are interested in establishing a new club, they should contact student government.