Summer at PHS

Kansas City, are you ready to explore?

The Summer at Pembroke Hill program understands that during the summer kids just want to have fun, and that is exactly what we provide. Fun classes using innovative curriculum on a variety of topics taught primarily by Pembroke Hill faculty.

We don’t confine learning to the walls of a classroom though, because we know learning can take place anywhere and everywhere. Instead we go out and explore in order to actively engage young minds! We encourage our classes to go outside, across the street, on a bus and even across town. We engage with the community that surrounds us, and open our doors inviting students between the ages of 2 through 18 to join us.

Our 12-week program is designed to accommodate your family’s busy schedule, so we offer flexibility by allowing you to enroll in as many weeks as you choose. Our volume discount program provides significant savings to those with multiple children or families looking for full-time care.

If you are looking for a camp that fosters creativity, inspires curiosity and creates a fun learning environment for every student, then let the Summer at Pembroke Hill program be your tour guide. From algebra to webpage design, animation to robot creations, there is a topic for every student to explore this summer!

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Portrait of Paula Engetschwiler

Paula Engetschwiler

Director of Auxiliary Programs