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Formerly known as the annual fund, the Pembroke Hill Fund is critical to enabling our steadfast commitment to delivering a robust and expansive educational program, to supporting healthy mentoring relationships between teachers and students and to fostering thoughtful, passionate individuals who are empowered to cultivate the best in each, for the benefit of all. Your philanthropy goes directly toward advancing the institution by supporting its people and programs through:
Financial Aid
Innovation & Technology
Faculty Support
Student Experience

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The Pembroke Hill Fund Priorities

2020-21 Pembroke Hill Fund Participation


Current Parents

Dear Pembroke Hill Community,

Each and every gift—no matter the size—elevates Pembroke Hill and allows us to be a place where:

  • Every child is known, cared for and valued
  • Teaching and learning is at its highest level
  • A growth-oriented culture of excellence thrives
  • Positive supportive relationships exist

Together, through the Pembroke Hill Fund, we support and drive the mission and values of our School forward.

As a new staff member and parent of a first and third grader, my family and I are excited to join the PHS community!

Please reach out with any questions. I look forward to meeting soon!

Thank you for your continued support of PHS!

signature of John W. Richardson

John W. Richardson
Director of Development

Recognition Levels

Members of the Vassie James Hill Society continue the legacy of Vassie James Hill's devotion to young people and their education by the value they place on Pembroke Hill’s tradition of excellence and student-centered approach to education.

Vassie James Hill Society

$50,000 Visionary Leadership Circle
$25,000 Head of School Leadership Circle
$10,000 1985 Leadership Circle
$5,000 Ambassador Leadership Circle
$2,500 Red & Blue Leadership Circle

Vassie James Hill Society members set the philanthropic tone, as leadership donors, for the rest of the PHS community.