Annual Fund

Support of the PHS community is essential to our strength. Donations from alumni, parents, grandparents, parents of alumni and other friends ensure Pembroke Hill maintains its outstanding teachers and coaches, small class sizes and student success in the arts, athletics and academics. We thank you!

The Pembroke Hill Annual Fund provides resources each year that sustain and further the quality of a Pembroke Hill education. The Fund plays a critical role helping bridge the $2,750 gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating one student.

When you give to the Annual Fund, you support every student at Pembroke Hill, as well as every faculty member and coach who make children their priority every day. Gifts to the Annual Fund are what allow us to respond to new opportunities for students each year!

Thank you for your generous support of the Annual Fund. Remember, taking advantage of your employer's matching gift program can double or even triple your donation. You can now make your gift online easily and securely using American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

Gifts from across the school community drive the success of our Annual Fund. Leadership gifts at the Vassie James Hill Society level are a vital component. However, every gift, whether large or small, makes a very tangible difference to our students and teachers.

Giving Levels

Vassie James Hill Society

  • $20,000 - 1910 and 1913 Society
  • $10,000 - Headmaster's Leadership Circle
  • $5,000 - 1985 Club
  • $2,750 * - The Gap Group
  • $1,500

* The 2017-18 gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate one student is $2,750. Please consider bridging the gap for one or more students.

Other Recognition Levels

  • $500
  • $250
  • $100

2017-18 Annual Fund Leadership

Hunter Wolbach '93 - Board Development Committee
Lisa Lattan - Annual Fund Co-Chair
Ed Stevens - Annual Fund Co-Chair
Upper School Parent Chair
Libby and Scott Ruland
Class Leaders
12th Grade - Maureen & Bill '74 Berkley
11th Grade - Jodi & Darren Abbott
10th Grade - Marjorie & Jeff Adair
9th Grade - Sherry & Allen Jetmore
Upper School New Parent Chairs
Mandy '87 & Scott Burditt
Middle School Parent Chairs
Lori and Brad Bodamer
Class Leaders
8th Grade - Lori and Brad Bodamer
7th Grade - Laura & Rubin Perin
6th Grade - Tennille & Jason Adkins
Middle School New Parent Chairs
Melinda & Tim Spurgeon
Lower School Parent Chairs
Kori & Fabio de Andrade
Class Leaders
5th Grade - Lisa & Tom Vasaghi
4th Grade - Emily & Marc '88 Cortes
3rd Grade - Tamara & John Weber
2nd Grade - Sarah & Angus Dwyer
1st Grade - Jen & Erik Becker
Kindergarten - Lauren & David '00 Atterbury
Early Childhood School Parent Chairs
Bianca & Benji Mulloy
Class Leaders
Prekindergarten - Rebecca & Venkat Pasnoori
Preschool - Gina & Jeff '98 Stingley
Early Years - Valerie & Bill Holloway
Lower School New Parent Chairs
Jamie & Kevin Allen
Early Childhood New Parent Chairs
Valerie & Bill Holloway
Alumni Chairs
Laura Lutz '82
Leo Salinger '00
David Zimmer '75
Grandparent Chairs
Zibbie & Jim Ferrell
Parents Of Alumni Chairs
Julie & Chuck '57 Frisbie
Miryam & Paul Sinclair