Endowment Giving

Endowment giving is both timeless and limitless. Pembroke Hill's $46 million endowment functions as a permanent financial resource from which only a part of the income is spent annually. Once made, an endowment gift continues working in perpetuity.

Gifts contributed to Pembroke Hill's endowment without specific limitations go into the General Endowment Fund. This fund is important as it gives the school maximum flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the institution.

In addition, the school receives support from nearly 70 named endowment funds. Members of the Pembroke Hill community generously created these funds to support specific programs, departments, and buildings including faculty professional development, financial aid, libraries, and athletics.

Named Endowed Funds

The following Endowed Funds were established to provide ongoing support for Pembroke Hill.  We are thankful to members of the school community who have created these endowments and who continue to contribute to them.