Building Together Campaign Envisions Changes For Ward Parkway Campus
Jess Rezac

The Pembroke Hill School is in the midst of the Building Together Capital Campaign that will transform and complete the Ward Parkway Campus.

The campaign addresses the special places on the Ward Parkway Campus where students come together – areas of assembly and celebration. These places are also where all parts of our community – students, faculty, families, alumni, and friends – gather to share experiences and make lifetime memories.

The largest common areas of the campus – the quadrangle, dining hall and athletic facilities – have now been re-imagined to provide the physical environment to support our vision of cultivating the best in each of our students.

With two prominent new buildings and the removal of Pierson Gym, the major public centers on campus will have new capacity, and the outward face of Pembroke Hill on the south, east and north will be dramatically transformed.


Campus and Quadrangle

  • New, one level quadrangle will provide a beautiful green for community gathering and outdoor learning activities.

Athletic Center

  • The location of the new athletic center will back up to the bleacher side of the stadium and provide direct access for athletes to the stadium and track.
  • It will feature a competition gym and an auxiliary gym.
  • The competition gym includes three regulation-sized courts for basketball and volleyball games.  With the new gym space, PHS will be able to host tournaments.
  • The auxiliary gym will have a regulation-sized court and will be used for PE classes.
  • The competition gym will be large enough to accommodate all PHS students, from early years to 12th grade.  This will be the first time, in the history of Pembroke Hill, that the school can host an indoor event for the entire student population!
  • New bleachers and a new press box will be constructed as part of the project.
  • The athletic center completes the campus and provides limited access to the middle and upper schools through a new security entrance

Dining Hall

  • The dining hall will provide a new serving area to accommodate the larger size middle and upper school population.
  • Seating will be under a beautiful vaulted ceiling.
  • An Arts Connector Skyway Bridge will connect the dining hall to Centennial Hall.  The Arts Connecter will allow for the display of student artwork.

Hall Student Center

  • The existing Hall Student Center building will be connected to the new dining hall.
  • The lower level will offer space for computer science, robotics, speech and debate.
  • An expanded lobby will allow for gatherings before and after performing arts productions.