Ward Parkway Construction Begins
Beth Bryant

Ward Parkway Construction

The Ward Parkway Building Together construction project has begun! Crews began the work in early May.

With the campus closed through the end of the school year, construction commences approximately a month earlier than originally planned.

The Board of Trustees decided to proceed with construction for several important reasons.

  • Construction partners cautioned that additional costs would be incurred for cancelling the project.
  • By going forward with the project, the school will be able to provide employment for many Kansas City construction workers and their companies, some of which are small businesses.  We have been assured that during construction appropriate safety measures will be in place to protect the health of these workers while on our campus.
  • Proceeding with the project is an important aspect of planning for Pembroke Hill’s future and the school’s ability to meet the needs of not only current students but also the needs of generations of students to come.

This construction will have a transformative effect on our school and will give us all a sense of hope and joy and a point of pride as we watch the future of Pembroke Hill emerge from the ground.

For more information regarding the project, go to www.pembrokehill.org/buildingtogether.

Our Plans

The Ward Parkway Campus Building Together project will be transformative as it creates an environment that enhances our students’ experiences in spaces where they gather, compete and celebrate.

This new experience will begin with a new ceremonial front door - a plaza area on the east end of campus next to the new Athletic Center. This entrance will welcome community members and visitors to the renovated campus.

Pierson Gym will be removed and the area will remain a green space.

Changes to Hall Student Center will provide flexible spaces to support growing programs in speech, debate and robotics. A small conference room will look out to the east side of campus. While the auditorium will not be renovated, the refurbished upper lobby will be enlarged for gatherings before and after performing arts productions. The lower lobby will offer art display areas. The building will be ADA compliant.  

The new Dining Hall’s larger eating area and more efficient servery will accommodate the middle school in one seating and the upper school in two, thus eliminating overcrowding. The flexible design will bring a new vibrancy to school events such as dances, graduation receptions, parent socials and alumni reunions. The new Dining Hall will be connected to Hall Student Center.  

The new Athletic Center will feature a competition and auxiliary gyms and exhibits commemorating Pembroke Hill’s sports program. Four regulation-sized courts will support basketball and volleyball games and allow the school to host tournaments and post-season play, along with chess, science and robotics competitions. For the first time, the school will have a space large enough to accommodate all 1,200 students. The Athletic Center will back up to the stadium where new bleachers and a new press box will be constructed.

The final aspect of the Building Together project is the Quad renovation. The vision for this area is a beautiful one-level lawn that will be the heart of the campus and inspire outdoor learning sessions, impromptu student games and community-wide celebrations.

At the Quad’s east end, a terrace will be created to offer seating during nice weather while also serving as a ceremonial stage for community events such as graduation.